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(30-1-17) From the oncoming Vidhan Sabha Session the responsibility o f answering the Members’ queries would rest upon the ministers – they will not be allowed the excuse that officers haven’t prepared a reply.

(6-2-17) Housing guarantee bill likely to be tabled – the poll plank for next elections


(23-2-16) ; Vidhan Sabha ( Budget session )

Grossly abridged Budget address o f governor – Excuse given is that the governor is unwell. While the fact is that most facts have been hidden – hardly any details about schemes , status of agriculture , finances etc

My take : Subversion of democracy – ruling by explanation is the key to democracy ; eventually it’ll blast ; this is anti national.

( 2-4-16) The first session in BJP / Shivraj rule to have been fully and peacefully con ducted .

My take :Win – Win situation: BJP could claim credit saying that the budget was so good that no disruptions.

Congress under Bala Bachchan came up with a lot of constructive suggestions and many of its Mla’s got a chance to speak,

My take : Budget as it is scuttled wit h so much debt, supplementary budget etc . Ina sense rig ht strategy for Congress –in that is sensing a disillusionment with Shivraj and thus presenting its constructive face and also training its leaders.

(20-6-16) Pawas Seesion July. Likely issues to be raised By Congress

Simhastha misdeeds

The issue of mud mixed in wheat for waterlogging victims of Bhopal

(18-7-16) Abridged session ; subverting Democracy


Mandatory toilet bill for public representatives bill

Cooperative so cities amendment bill


Babulal gaur asking a question after 12 yrs- were People of Bhopal consulted in the smart city poll ? ( basically sticking t o His Bhopal theme )

Starred questions/ Discussion/Call attention motion

(22-6-16) Supplementary Budget o f 4700 crores passed

My take : Supplementary bud get Ought to be for aspects which couldn’t have been anticipated.

Babulal Gaur : Asking house to be run by rules – question hr. ought to be before Call attention motion.

Min for Edu : informing that more engineers passed out than jobs.

(23-7-16): Cong accusing Govt . of giving land worth 113 cr to Thakral for university in peanuts.

Cong accusing Mallaya of giving govt. land to a private trust.

(25-7-16) : Gaur raising the issue of High Overdraft – debt to the tune of 1 lakh crore ;Also questions the slow pace of Metro.

( 26-7-16 ) BJP Mla Prajapati raiss the issue of Mining mafia

Cong seeking the valuation of RSS-run Saraswati shishu mandir in all districts ;claims each worth 200 cr.