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Every election is different- here are some ways in which 2018 is different

   *  For the first time ,a Multipolar election in the true sense- with 5 parties(BJP, Cong , AAP, BSP & SAPAKS ) fighting on all 230 seats.

   * The new twin electoral techniques are -controlling the data and managing the info/headlines.

  * Many more professionals & bureaucrats entering the fray-SAPAKS, AAP,JAYAS

  * Much more flow of cash ( this is a worldwide trend for sometime).

   * Much greater use of social media

   * Enhanced Caste weightage in seat allocation.

   * Enhanced role of religion/ spirituality.

  * Tribals using / being targeted via smartphones for the first time in a big way.


On the other hand , as the saying goes the more things change , the more they remain same.


   * Despite tall claims , candidates were not declared by the major parties till the last moment- for the fear of poaching. SAPAKS went to the extreme on not declaring publicly and making them file nominations directly.

   * As always manifestoes were not brought out till the last phase-pending competitive populism.

   * As the deadline closed , the dirty tricks department became ever more active-fake letters ,recruiting turncoats, planting news.

   * In the name of winnability everything goes-suitability goes out for a toss.

   * Women,poor and minorities had ever decreasing proportion of tickets.

   * You identity-dynasty, caste, religion is more important than your track record.

   * Candidates with serious criminal charges given tickets(even the ones going for re-election )41% in BJP and 27% in Congress.